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Housewife Chronicles Series Trailer!

JANUARY 12, 2021


Her husband's affair coming to light two weeks before his death should have been the worst thing to happen to Beth Cartwright that year. But being a widowed, single mom in a community of upper-class housewives is proving to be far more difficult.

Living next door to her husband's mistress and her former yoga instructor-Gina Thompson, has Beth wanting to pack up her teenage kids and get the hell out of the neighborhood. But when she becomes a suspect in her husband's death, she needs to rely on her husband's mistress and the rest of her quirky neighborhood friends to keep her out of jail.

Housewife Chronicles is a dark comedy with a hint of mystery and a focus on unlikely female friendships.


"Jennifer Snow is the absolute queen of snarky wit and acerbic colloquy and Housewife Chronicles is the award we all get to share in." -RF Reviewer, Jamie Michelle 



Last year’s neighborhood scandal should have been the most intriguing, but when her editor dies a mysterious death, bestselling author, Grace Lee decides to switch genres from relationship dramas to thrillers. Drawing inspiration from real life has always been her thing and she’s at risk of losing her publishing contract if the words don’t start flowing soon.

But when she disappears down a rabbit hole of research into the deceased woman’s past, reality becomes much more complicated than the fictionalized story she’s attempting to tell. When her editor’s death is deemed a murder and Grace is the only suspect, her time is running out to unravel the clues in this real life mystery. With her career and freedom on the line Grace and the housewives once again set out to prove that murder is not part of their weekly coffee group.

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