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Mistletoe & Molly- Holiday Romantic Comedy

Directed by Lane Shefter Bishop

Breakthrough Entertainment, Vast Entertainment,  5'7 Films

Starring: Eden Broda, Zach Smadu, Steffi DiDomenicantonio

UPTV- November 20th at 7:00 PM

Super Channel- December 12th at 8 PM


A waitress is determined to become a PR exec to get out from under her controlling father's thumb but ends up falling for an image consultant who's just like him, and must decide if her pride is worth losing the guy she's fallen in love with.

14 Love Letters- Romantic Comedy

Directed by Amy Force

Brain Power Studio

Super Channel- January 22, 2022

Hallmark- July 31, 2022

Starring: Franco Lo Presti, Vanessa Sears, Madeleine Claude, Kim Roberts


After historic love letters start anonymously appearing in Kallie Sharp's mailbox, she searches for her mystery admirer and opens herself up to love. 


Based on my novel, A LOT LIKE CHRISTMAS!

Jessica becomes a good luck charm when each of her ex-boyfriends finds his perfect match and is married by Christmas. Despite swearing off of dating, it takes a handsome artist and gallery owner to make her believe in love again.

Christmas in Maple Hills poster.jpg

Christmas in Maple Hills

Christmas 2023 on INSP!

Brain Power Studio

Sworn Justice: Taken Before Christmas

Christmas 2023!

Brain Power Studio

Time Capsule poster.jpg

Christmas Time Capsule

Christmas 2023!

Brain Power Studio

When Tiffany’s best friend James arrives at her house looking for the family heirloom engagement ring he left in her care, she quickly realizes that he wants to use it to propose to another woman. Now Tiffany has 3 days, a road trip and some Christmas magic to make James realize that the woman he really wants has been in front of him the whole time.

Christmas at the Amish Bakery

Christmas 2023!

Nicely Entertainment

We're Scrooged!

Christmas 2023!

Brain Power Studio

When ex-high school sweethearts return to Minneapolis for the Christmas Snowball 10-year high school reunion weekend, they each check in to the hotel single and alone. Although their friends called them “Ross and Rachel,” Sarah and Scott parted ways after college and pursued their high-end careers. After a run-in at the kickoff event, they are both warned that they are going to be visited by 3 Christmas ghosts over the next 3 days. While dreaming each night, they have shared experiences reliving their past and present Christmases. These unsettling yet comedic visits help them both see what they gave up. And that they gave up on each other. When the Ghost of Christmas Future visits them separately, they must each make a choice to reunite or lose their love forever.

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