Jennifer Snow Romance Author   

"Super Sweet & A Whole Lot Sexy..." 

Mistletoe Series - Holiday Heartwarming Books
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Mistletoe Fever

Piper Johnson is tired of being alone during the holidays so this year she's decided to place an ad in the New York Times for a Christmas Eve Mistletoe Kiss. 

Alex Miller has been in love with his best friend for years and her latest stunt has him searching for a way to get her to see that he should be her Christmas Eve Mistletoe Kiss. 

Can Alex convince Piper to take a chance on them in time for the holidays or will Piper be too distracted searching for holiday love that she will miss the perfect Mistletoe Kiss?

Mistletoe & Molly

Molly Bishop needs new winter tires and an excuse to avoid Christmas dinner with her family. What she doesn't need is to be rescued. Aiden Ford disagrees. Confident and successful as a consultant in the public relations forum, he sets his sights on lending her a helping hand. A war of Christmas kindness ensues driving the two into each other's arms. That is if they can stop arguing long enough to see they were made for each other.

Mistletoe Bachelors

When Madison Grey is assigned a writing assignment on five of New York's most eligible bachelors and how they spend the holidays, she jumps at the opportunity to prove her writing ability to her boss. But, when the details of the assignment are revealed, Madison wonders how she will make it through the season.
The small problem-she doesn't do Christmas anymore, not since her divorce. The big problem-Bachelor number five is her ex-husband. The sexy problem-Her travel companion photographer Cole Harris, who can't seem to keep his lips away from her.

Cole Harris needs his big break. A six-page photo spread, in one of New York's most popular women's magazine, is just the opportunity he's been waiting for. And when the details of the assignment are revealed, Cole can't believe his good fortune.
The small perk-Travelling throughout his favourite time of year with an expense account. The big perk-Bachelors number one and three are close friends. The sexy perk-Madison Grey.