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Quietly humorous, profoundly moving, and captivatingly seductive, with supportive secondary characters, this novel is sure to enthrall fans and newcomers to this series.” —Publishers Weekly, Starred Review of Maybe This Time

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I received my first rejection letter at fifteen. I'd written a sweet YA romance the summer before and I'd submitted the manuscript along with a query letter to Harlequin. The wait had literally felt like a lifetime, but finally their response arrived. I was sitting on my front step, enjoying the late August heat with my friends when the mailman handed it to me. Seeing the Harlequin logo on the envelope, I'm pretty sure I stopped breathing for a second. Ripping it open, I was convinced Harlequin was going to publish my book. 

Spoiler Alert-They didn't. :)

It was a rejection (the first of many to come), but it was such a great letter. The editor had actually taken the time to read my manuscript and to offer feedback and advice on how to make my writing stronger. I took all of their notes to heart and throughout high school, I continued to hone my craft. 

I sincerely credit that encouraging letter for my perseverance in never giving up on my dream of becoming a published writer and 17 short years and many detours in life later, I received a different kind of letter from Harlequin-a revision letter after they bought my six book small town Brookhollow series. 

I still have that first rejection letter and I still read it whenever I feel discouraged. It was the beginning of my writing journey and I'm so proud of my fifteen year old self for having the courage to submit a far from perfect manuscript in pursuit of a dream. 



Jennifer Snow is an award winning author of sweet and sexy contemporary romance. Represented by Stephany Evans of FinePrint Literary Management, she currently publishes with Harlequin, Grand Central, and Berkley. 

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Audrey's Books, Edmonton, AB-MAYBE THIS TIME launch party and signing-Dec 4th/2016 from 2-4 p.m. 

Lady Jane's Salon-The Ripped Bodice Bookstore-Culver City, CA-Jan 8/2017 from 4-6 p.m. 

Lady Jane's Salon-Madame X-New York, NY-June 5/2017 at 7 p.m.

RWA National Conference-Orlando Florida-July 2017!

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