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Falling in love with romance with Francine Pascal

Posted on 4 June, 2017 at 20:00

My first introduction to romance was when I was about thirteen years old and it was through a Sweet Valley High special edition called Malibu Summer. I was obsessed with the Wakefield Twins since elementary school and this book changed my life lol. 

I found a second hand print copy at a neighborhood yard sale and I remember picking it up and starting to read and not wanting to stop. I hadn't brought any money with me to the yard sale, so I sat in one of their lawn chairs that they were also trying to sell and read until the owner of the house told me he had sold the chair, so I'd have to get up lol. 

I sat on the grass instead, for three hours, until I'd finished the book. It's was only a dollar, but I was afraid of leaving it there while I went to get money, afraid someone else would buy it. I needed to have it. 

So, I hid it beneath a few cookbooks and ran like crazy (I should state here that I was a chubby, unathletic child so running for me was usually a matter of life and death), got the dollar from my room and ran back to buy it. 

It was thankfully still there and it was mine. 

I read it three times that weekend. 

In the story, the Wakefield twins apply for 'Nanny positions' in Malibu for the summer and Elizaeth experiences her first true love. 

I was a shy bookworm growing up, so I identified with the quieter, studious Wakefield twin the most and seeing her fall in love with an older guy that she couldn't have had me swooning. SWOONING! 

I read the book so many times over the next few years. Especially when my dating life was non-existent until I thinned out and got contacts around the tenth grade lol. It was my escape and it was everything a first love should be. I loved everything about it-the Malibu setting with the beach and the sun and the fun, complex interaction between the sisters, but especially the romance. 

I love romance stories and that will never change. I love the idea of a fresh exciting relationship, having to overcome obstacles to be together and the idea that two souls can connect, even for just a summer in Malibu. 


What was your first taste of romance??

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