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Coffee Time with Jen featuring Dana Volney!

Posted on 17 November, 2016 at 9:45

A big warm welcome to Dana Volney!! Welcome to Coffee Time with Jen:)

What does your writing process look like? A little chaotic I start by deciding which type of story I’m going with to next: holiday, contemporary, suspense. Then jot down notes in a book (or on sticky notes, random to-do lists, or on my phone) for a couple of days while a plot brews. Eventually I fill out character worksheets and form an actual plot (timelines, arcs, ideas on ending) on a long sheet of paper. After that I basically try to write at every opportunity and get the first draft done so I can get to the fun part of editing and polishing the characters and story!

If you weren’t a writer, what would you be? A baker! I have a serious sweet tooth and would like to learn the craft of baking a whole lot more (I just ordered “The Dollop Book of Frosting” by Heather Saffer to bake my way through—wish me luck!). I’d open a bakery and work on serving different, delicious treats you don’t hear of every day!

Do you read reviews? How do you celebrate the good, get over the bad? I’ve gotten a lot better (less obsessive) about reading reviews—I usually just look at the total number now. I will skim the newest ones, and if they look positive then I’ll take a peek. We all need a little boost now and then and reviews can certainly keep me going on days where writing isn’t coming as easily! The bad reviews can actually be helpful, too—that’s how I like to think of them anyway . If there is a pattern then I take that as constructive criticism and try to better that particular weakness in my current manuscript.

What is the best marketing strategy you’ve ever tried? Participating on blog and Facebook parties—like actually having conversations with other authors and readers. I love to be social and don’t just post and walk away when I join those parties. This seems to be the best way to meet awesome people and readers who actually want to keep in touch through social media or my newsletter.

What type of scene do you find hardest to write? Scary, funny, romantic, sad? I like the humor in my stories to be organic, so I don’t put pressure on myself to make dialogue funny. However, there needs to be romance in a romance story, so, sometimes it’s a challenge to make sure to get the right amount of romance in a novel so that it’s not cheesy, but real, and there’s enough to make sure the couple falls in love organically. The story needs to always feel real, have the right pace and flow, and stay true to the characters—nailing that mix can be the hardest.

What is one subject you’d never write about as an author? I’m still new in my career and exploring all types of stories and scenes. So, I’m not sure I can say “never” to anything at this point.

What is one career goal you’ve yet to achieve that you are striving for? I have big ultimate goals like being on best sellers lists, as I’m sure all authors do, and a couple achievements that are steps to get there that I think about a lot. Right now I’ve got my eyes set on cracking the Amazon Top 100 list (which I’ve done bundled with other authors but not solely) in any of my categories—that drives most of my marketing decisions at this point.

Do you have any scars? What are they from? I do have a scar on my stomach from having my appendix removed as a child. It’s not one of those neat little scars that people have nowadays because my surgery was done years ago before laparoscopy. So, it’s pretty prevalent on my lower right side.

Do you have any tattoos? Where & What? I don’t, not yet! I think about getting one a lot—especially when my sister and I watch shows like Master Ink—but I haven’t found anything that means that much to me yet to go through the pain. Then there’s the question of where to put it – wrist? ribs (apparently this is super painful!)? foot? If one of my author goals is accomplished I do have a couple ideas in mind!


Ready for the Lightning Round of ‘Have You Ever?’


-Grab your coffee and take a sip if you have done any of these things. 

Have You Ever…

-Written naked? Sip

-Gotten arrested? No Sip

-Gotten into a bar fight? No Sip

-Lied on a resume? No Sip

-Pee’d in public? No Sip

-Called in sick to work when you weren’t sick? Sip

-Had a crush on a friend or co-worker? Sip

-Lied about your age? No Sip

-Taken candy from a baby? Sip

-Snuck in contraband snacks to a movie? Sip


That’s it!! You survived Coffee Time With Jen!

Thank you for being a guest author!


Silver Morgenstern had her entire life figured out—be a surgeon. That’s all she ever wanted. When her dreams are cut short with one flick of the wrist, she moves back home, and takes on an administrative role at the local hospital. Dealing with paperwork is nothing compared to saving lives.

Fisher Tibbs successfully started and has operated Combat Children’s Hunger for the last five years. Giving back to children has always been important to him especially after losing his own child at a young age. He’d love to see it through, but instead he’s planning a future for CCH without him.

When patient Fisher Tibbs’s paperwork comes across Silver’s desk, wishing to no longer be on the heart transplant list, she gets sucked into the moment—deciding to convince him life is worth the fight. With the focus of saving his heart, she never expected him to save her own. Time has always been an enemy for Fisher, though, and this holiday season is no different. Love might be too late.


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